Airventure 2017 Trip in N8432L

Member Aaron Baruch flew 32L to Oshkosh for Airventure 2017. This was his first time flying-in to Oshkosh and it took careful weight & balance planning, fuel management and weather planning. Also along as passengers were his father and Mark Jaeger. Nice job captain!

On crosswind for runway 18

Aaron, his dad and Mark

Camping in the vintage area near some other really cool planes since N8432L is a 1968 and is classified as a “vintage”

First Solo for Ryan Lind

Congratulations to Gopher Flying Club member Ryan Lind on his first solo!

Ryan after completing his first solo

Ryan Lind being congratulated by CFI Mark Jaeger after his first solo in N734HZ at Buffalo airport on Sunday July 23rd. Great accomplishment, way to go Ryan!



Another new Private Pilot @ Gopher Flying Club


Well done Matt!  Congrats!







Matt Payne being congratulated by CFI Mark Jaeger after passing his Private Pilot practical on July 20th.

Matt did a great job despite the added pressure of having an FAA observer on board the plane who was “observing” how the DPE examiner did.

The extra weight of a 3rd person in the back seat and associated CG change added an additional challenge.

Matt with his new temp Private Pilot Certificate