Club Background
Since 1979 the Gopher Flying Club has enabled its members to experience the thrill and joy of flying while maintaining an affordable cost structure. Our club was originally started by a group of Minneapolis Honeywell employees who were looking for a way to provide economical flying and fellowship for individuals interested in aviation. Today, more than 30 years later, the club is as strong as ever.

We operate two Cessna 172s that are well equipped and IFR certified. Currently our home base is Crystal Airport, KMIC, in the Minneapolis metro area. Crystal is centrally located and a convenient take off point for Twin Cities metro residents.

Club Structure
The Gopher Flying Club differentiates itself among other clubs in that it is based on a leaseback business model. The aircraft are leased by the club from current member/owners for the benefit of all club members. Fixed costs associated with the aircraft (hangar, insurance) are covered by monthly dues and members pay an hourly rate to fly the aircraft. Due to the nature of the club’s structure, initial entry costs are low.

Club Members
The club has a mix of both experienced and new pilots who ultimately have at least one thing in common- a joy and appreciation for aviation. Regardless of your experience level, the club can provide you with a chance to learn from others as well as a group of individuals to share your experiences with.

Contact us at:  gopherflyingclub@gmail.com