How to Join

Aircraft Club Benefits

Joining an aircraft club enables a set of opportunities not typically available unless you own an aircraft. The reality is, owing and operating an aircraft carries many fixed and variable expenses. In most cases joining a club will enable you to share the fixed costs of owning a plane with others, and offer an affordable hourly rate to fly. Joining an aircraft club may save you as much as 50% on the typical hourly rental rate for similar aircraft.

The Gopher club is a unique club that offers a low up front cost to join along with competitive hourly rates.In fact, our planes have been purposefully selected to allow us to achieve our mission of low cost, fun flying!

After becoming a member of the Gopher club and being checked out by our flight instructors, you will have the ability to reserve club planes through an on-line scheduling tool.

Membership is open to all pilot and student pilots pursuant to our club check out policy.

Current Membership Costs

There is no club share to purchase, only a low one time initiation fee of $300.
Monthly dues are $60 per month (covers fixed costs such as hangars and insurance).
Current hourly rates for both planes is $64.50 per tach hr (dry).

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