Channel 12 News Story featuring two Gopher Flying Club members

Channel 12/Northwest Community Television of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota recently produced and aired a story that we thought you might enjoy receiving a video link to the story, given your connection to the story.  Please feel free to share the story through social media or website posting.  You can also send the link via email to others that you feel would enjoy the story.


Runway changes proposed for Crystal Airport

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Gopher Flying Club now has a Master CFI

Master CFI George Felix in his CAP Uniform

Master CFI George Felix in his CAP Uniform

Congratulations go out to club member George Felix on his latest accomplishment.

The Master Instructors LLC takes pride in announcing a significant aviation accomplishment on the part of George P Felix, the owner of Felix Flight Services and a resident of Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Recently, George was accredited as a Master CFI  by the Master Instructors LLC, the international accrediting authority for the Master Instructor designation as well as the FAA-approved “Master Instructor Continuing Education Program.” 

To help put these achievements in their proper perspective, there are approximately 101,000 CFIs in the United States.  Fewer than 800 of those aviation educators have achieved that distinction thus far.  The last 22 National Flight Instructors of the Year, National FAASTeam Representatives of the Year, or National AMTs of the Year were Master CFIs while George is one of only 11 Minnesota aviation educators who have earned one or more of these prestigious “Master” titles.

In the words of former FAA Administrator Marion Blakey, “The Master Instructor accreditation singles out the best that the right seat has to offer.”

The Master Instructor designation is a national accreditation recognized by the FAA and must be renewed biennially.  Candidates must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence, professional growth, and service to the aviation community, and must pass a rigorous evaluation by a Board of Review.  The process parallels the continuing education regimen used by other professionals to enhance their knowledge base while increasing their professionalism.  Designees are recognized as outstanding aviation educators for not only their excellence in teaching, but for their engagement in the continuous process of learning — both their own, and their students’.  

Flight in actual IMC

The ink is barely dry on Gopher Flying Club Scott Ikeda’s Instrument rating and he is out practicing in the soup with CFII George Felix.  There’s no taking off the Foggles now…….Way to keep those perishable skills fresh Scott.

ikeda-inst1 ikeda-inst

First Solo for Gopher Flying Club Member Todd Schallberg

Please join me in congratulating Todd on his first solo today!  After the fog lifted this morning Todd did 3 nice landings at Crystal.  After landing Todd and his CFI Mark Jaeger were able to go up in the control tower and meet the controllers that worked with him.

Todd and CFI Mark

Todd and CFI Mark

New Private Pilot at Gopher Flying Club

Curt and Bob


Please join me in congratulating the Gopher Flying Club’s newest Private Pilot Curt Boehm.  Today Curt braved the heat and humidity and passed his private pilot check ride with DPE Barb Mack from ANE.  Seen here being congratulated by his CFI Bob Dahl.  Great job Curt!!



(Photo taken by DPE Barb Mack.)


Gopher Flying Club has a NEW Private Pilot!!!

Congratulations are in order for Gopher Flying Club’s newest private pilot.  On July 6, 2016, member Jay Hansen successfully completed his checkride with DPE Steve Anderson.

Great job Jay!!


DPE Anderson congratulates Jay


CFI-I George presents Jay with his FFS Wings.


Jay with his new ticket!!

Gopher Flying Club member one step closer to Instrument Ticket

Congratulations are in order for Gopher Flying Club Member Scott Ikeda for passing his written instrument exam on 06/29/2016.

Scott is also demonstrating his commitment to flying safely and proficiently through his participation in the FAA WINGS program.  He recently completed Level 1.  Keep up the great work Scott.


New IFR Pilot at Gopher Flying Club

David T_Instrument

Congratulations are in order for Gopher Member David Tramm as he passed his Instrument Rating checkride recently on 06/05/2016.

Winds at COQ


David mentioned that the winds were a little challenging that day……..270 22G32…..WOW!!!





Great job David!!!